“I’ll say right off the bat that you really have to hand it to the event organizers. Despite the large numbers of ridiculously enthusiastic attendees, everything at Burger Bash worked.”
– Esquire

From budgeting, venue selection, layout and crowd control, to lighting, music and décor, the details may be subtle, but carefully managing every one of them is what many call “CREaMing it”. We are fiscally focused; creating the very best experience by matching our clients’ vision with established budgets. CREaM addresses decisions ranging from where the best quality and freshest food can be sourced to what it looks like when it is served to the guest. And CREaM focuses on issues from food safety and minimizing food waste to engineering menus and managing sanitation engineers. We are proud of our long-standing relationships with sponsors and venues—and we understand the importance and high expectations that come with repeating and improving upon an event year after year.

“We’ve worked alongside CREaM for nearly a decade. From concept to execution, we always know we’re in good hands.” – Rachael Ray

CREaM rises to the top in each of the following areas

Event Conceptualization & Preliminary Planning

Budget Development, Fiscal Management & Revenue Optimization

New Event Strategic Studies

Culinary Talent Procurement and Management

Sponsorship Sales & Dynamic Activation

Venue Selection, Space Planning & Logistics Management

Culinary Logistics, Chef Procurement, & Menu Engineering

Culinary Staffing (hired & voluntary)

Event Staffing (hired & volulntary)

Culinary Demo Stage Programing and Production Services

Permitting & Life Safety Plans

Ticketing, Box Office Management & Concession Sales

Brand Management & Event Design Services

PR Firm Selection Services

Onsite Operations: Tenting, Lighting, Electric, Refrigeration

Sanitation, Recycling & Reclamation Plans

Reverse Engineering Event Consultation

In-House Event Vetting Services & Sponsorship Solicitation Management

CREaM brings its solid and valuable Sponsor Partner relationships to every project it undertakes. Our clients benefit from our existing relationships and we are eager to introduce new and exciting culinary programs to a sponsor roster that includes some of the most recognized brands in the live events space. Sponsor targeting and strategies to experiential concepting and dynamic activation designs, CREaM brings years of event partner know-how to every engagement. No firm is better equipped to ensure that both promoter and sponsor engage in a win-win, long-lasting relationship.

Additionally, CREaM has showcased the food industry’s biggest stars on live kitchen demo stages, calling upon an expert skillset and show production know-how. Taking audience demographics, menu development, talent, stage direction, food styling, operations and logistics into consideration, CREaM designs audience experiences that reflect the client’s and sponsor’s brand message while utilizing the most exciting food trends and latest culinary products.